Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The above is the address of an Etsy shop that I really think you should visit and buy from!
Why? Because she does the most awesome dragons you've ever seen, and all from polymer clay!
This is NOT children's play dough or modeling clay, it's the kind of clay that you shape and bake in an oven or kiln and it hardens. Not like plastic, but just hardens into a nice finish.
Anyway, her dragons are absolutely fabulous! And each has a name and back story that goes with it to make it even more fun. And, believe me, they are priced right. It's a great time to start gearing up for Christmas!
These are her own words about her wonderful creations:
"**Elemental Dragons have seven clans within - Forrest, Water, Sky, Celestial, Fire, Earth and Gems. Each has their own personalities.

**What ELSE lives in the forrest???

**PEBBLEONIANs...They are the "listeners" of the Elemental Forrest. Only the best of the best little pebbles are choosen to grow into a Pebbleonian.

**CHERPELLs...A small bird like critter with a very long feather tail (at least it is long for their body size). They have a small golden pad like foot that they can hop with.

**TROLLGONs...Trollish dragonish like critters that enjoy just curling around a tree (although they do OK in the cages also) and just watching what you are doing.

**SNETTLEs...Very small snail like creatures, who make very good pets (for children and adults - great at work). They are easy to care for a little food, water and love and they are good to go. They very much just want a home.

**BOOBALINGs...Small crab like critters that enjoy crawling around, they do need to be caged or you may never see them again. Very curious little ones.

Look for all the accesories to properly care for what ever critter you adopt. All critters will do just fine in any of the habbits that I sell (some of the bigger dragons will not fit in the cages or around a tree).

**MUD HEADs...They are the original dwellers of the forrest. They were stumbled upon not to long ago, so not much is known about the tribe. Information will be giving as it is discovered."

Right now there is even FREE SHIPPING! Wow-can't beat that! Enjoy your visit to the land of dragons and other creatures!

Visit now!

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