Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Would I/We Do Without My/Our Craft?

This is a good question that I'm thinking about! It occurs to me now and again, what I would do without my crafts, so I thought it would make for a good blog discussion.
Well, with NO crafts at all, my life would be far less meaningful, I can tell you that! I mean, don't misunderstand, I am a Christian, so obviously, my Faith in God and He comes first in my life. HE gives my life purpose and meaning.
However, my crafts provide an artistic venue in which to express the creative side of me that I can't get anywhere else, or in any other way. I'm totally convinced that if many people could delve more deeply into crafts or arts, they would be far less tempted to drink or do drugs, or engage in other reckless behaviors. Sure, I know that there is the image of the "tortured soul"
of an artist or writer who must drink or drug to bring out their artistic nature, but I think that is not the norm.
I really believe (I have no scientific studies to back me up) that when we engage in arts and crafts, our brains release pleasurable endorphins-I honestly do! Maybe not, but I choose to believe so!
There is something about the joy of seeing the creation brought to life, when I'm sewing a pillow or something for my daughter, or playing with my polymer clay, that is simply's a sheer joy that comes from deep within. It makes me to believe that God must have felt this way when He made man, and said, "It is good." He was pleased with His creation, and I truly feel that in the image of our maker, we are compelled to create and bring about beauty and enjoyable things. It is simply human nature, as God intended from the beginning.
It is a similar feeling to when I am playing a piano or violin, only that feeling is a little different, hard to describe the differences, except that my emotions tend to surface through the music, whereas while creating, I am in constant awe of how wonderful something can be that I did with my own hands.
I hope that didn't sound vain. I don't mean that my creations are so awesome or perfect, hardly, in fact, I feel very much disqualified in light of many of my peers, especially in polymer claying, I mean simply that I am in awe of the beauty that can come of something so plain and simple in its beginning. Like squares of fabric, or blocks of clay.
I truly think that this is how most of us feel. I know that I can feel poorly, whether emotionally or physically (especially having fibromyalgia and related issues), and when I can break through that by crafting or sewing, I can feel so much better. My spirits are raised much higher.
In summary, I just have to say, I just have to know, that if I had no crafts or arts of ANY kind, I would be less of a human for it, of that I am convinced. I would be less cultured, less patient, less
creative, less giving, and less human.
Then again, wouldn't we all?

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