Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June Going Fast!

Wow-June is still here, but nearly over. Well, ended up buying traditional socks for Father's Day for dad, and a T-shirt for Rick, oh well! Gave in to commercialism, instead of claying for them, but as I said before, men ARE hard to clay for, if you don't do sculptures. Which I don't. Some in our clay group do them wonderfully, like Lynn's Little Creations.
Well, hate to say this, but I am sooo quickly losing inspiration in claying. I love it still, don't misunderstand. It's just that Rick is still insistent that Etsy and any handcrafts won't sell and pay off, and my "little hand made things" won't make money enough. It's discouraging.
I need disability, and have tried twice. Denied twice. I've been told that you need to try over and over. That sucks. I'm calling lawyers today. It doesn't help when he talks about moving to Cal. You HAVE to be in one area for at least long enough to get on it, to GET on it, not moving around, or they will cancel the case. I KNOW that as a fact. If not, leave a comment and tell me.
So, you make more there, you pay more too. I love my state of AZ. It's very diverse, and pretty.
Cal sucks in my opinion with their crazy 9th Circuit Court ruling things like that parents don't have the right to educate their own children in their own way? What? Given that Cal is the lowest state on the testing ranks, that is STUPID! The Judge that ruled that needs to go back to school in my humble opinion! How low is that to rule that? What an idiot Judge! Not the first idiot Judge there either. And that's one thing they're doing...
Anyway, my hand crafts are therapeutic for me too, not just for money, if possible. So, I need them in my life. He doesn't get that. Rick doesn't do much in the way of hobbies, though I bought him some leather stuff for Christmas. Well, he does play Solitaire on the computer. That's about it.
He doesn't get how much time goes into doing crafts and pictures and Etsy, etc. Upkeep on Etsy is easy when you don't sale much, like me, but there are things like reading articles on Etsy or wherever or tutorials to learn better techniques, etc. Learning photo tips, etc.
Just I'm just venting. But I need to. So, if anyone reads this and has a hubby or boyfriend or whatever, who is like that, leave a comment...I'm sure we'll understand. It sucks when they don't get it, huh? That's why I like my handcraft groups on Etsy. They get it.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Well, it's June already! Wow-time is flying this year! Anyway, we just ended our latest Polymer
Clay monthly challenge. What a great selection! Check it out at! A couple winners
got some very nice packages lucky they are!
I have a poll on polymer clay items. Just a fun poll on who likes what in polymer clay. You don't even have to make the stuff, just like looking at it! And, it has multiple choices. Please participate!

On the home front, things are usual. Except that I am working on a Father's Day gift for both dad and Rick. Probably pens-men are hard to clay for I think (I have no cuff link forms), and maybe a tin-who knows? My 8 yr. old daughter is anxious to make dad a ton of cute little crafts found in
Highlights For Kids magazine! Guess who gets to help her this week, yep- me!
It will be fun, I'm sure...I told him to act surprised and ecstatic this coming Sunday! He will...
Oh, and making something for my niece, who turns 12 on Friday, June 13. Ha, ha, good thing we're not superstitious or anything! I'm going to make her a tin with sea shells on it (already started) and a necklace with sea shells and some aquatic life, and beads. I KNOW she'll like them both, especially being from Aunt Pam.
They live in the same state, so it get there by 3 days at the most, hopefully! May be a day late, but she'll understand.
Other than that, I have a LOT of sanding, buffing and polishing to do on ALL the beads and
sea shells and cameos and other things I made...

Oh, on the NON polymer clay front. This is funny. Last night (Sunday-June 8th), Rick and Tamara found a white rat running around outside. By itself. We asked the neighbors and no one had a clue where it came from. Of course Tamara wants to keep it. It's domestic, you can tell because he lets you pet him. I had rats as a kid and teenager, and mice as an adult!
So, I scooped him up and pet him, until Tamara and the apartment kids were comfortable doing so as was fun!
We put sand in a painting bucket (from the volleyball court) and food and water, and poor thing just chowed down! He was one hungry little rat! Gave him a bath today-he didn't like that much, I can tell you! I don't blame him either. Well, I have a bathroom to clean now..!
Thanks for tuning in,