Friday, August 7, 2009

We're Moved To California Now!

Well, time has passed once again. How it flies!
We arrived at Rick's parents' apt at literally 1:38 am! We ate and talked a bit and went to bed at 3 am! Didn't really get to sleep until about 5 tired the next day, but oh well. The next day, his mom was anxious to show us some places she'd found, though we don't quite have the money yet...
Anyway, we can't go to a studio apt. because only two people can go into one legally. Rick has a bid out on a house (to paint it), and another tomorrow-hopefully they'll pan out. Also, he has signed onto different apartment complexes to paint for them as a private vendor and should get calls shortly, and can schedule them into his work agenda. He has his license and insurance already, so everything is going well. We are staying at his parents' and his aunt Shirley's alternately. They live about 46 miles apart, no biggie.
Some more good news: I finally got back into my clay club-yeah (! The Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy. I love that group of people-they're all so artistic and diverse in their art of claying. Every one of them is SOOOOO talented too, it's inspiring to see their works. My clay stuff is presently at his aunt Shirley's-inside the house of course where it won't get hot. Bakersfield does seem to be somewhat humid, esp. compared to Tucson where we came from.
My birthday was the 3rd of August (Rick's is the 8th)-same year, 1960. His parents took us out to a Mexican dinner that night. It was really nice.
On a personal level, there was a situation I had to straighten out to make amends and make things right. Apparently, when Rick and I were separated for a few years before we got back together a couple years ago, I called his sister-in-law a not very nice name. I can't remember doing it, but I do believe it because I was very angry at Rick then and lashed out at people close to him or connected to him. She and his brother had nothing to do with our problems and it was not their fault in the least and it was wrong-I can't even fathom why I would have done that, but none-the-less I apologized and asked that we could be friends once again, and she was cool with that. Phew! I'm glad she accepted my apology because I want no friction in the family at all and want to make amends to everyone. I did that to his parents a few years ago in writing and they forgave we're all on a good note now, thankfully. Even if I hadn't said anything to her, I'd have apologized just to keep the peace and do the Christian thing. But, as I said, in my anger and hurt at the family in general back then I'm sure I did. We all say or do dumb stuff sometimes out of anger and/or hurt that we later regret and wonder where our brains went when we did! Then we tuck back in the closet of our brain and forget about it until someone or some thing reminds us...but it's for the best. These things need to be cleared out and taken care of or they'll fester up like a sore.
Anyway, I'm going to try to get back into claying as soon as I can, but with the temporary housing and all I'm not sure when. When we move into our own place we'll only have minimal things to put away as we just brought a truck full of boxes plus two dressers and a mattress. That's it! We'll have to return to Tucson for the rest in storage as soon as we can afford the gas and uhaul and time, etc., etc... But the time will come. I'm secretly hoping we can make an extra detour and go by my folks, not only so I can see them (it's been over a year now) but so that I can get my stuff from there. Hopefully the place will have an extra room or garage-we're trying for that.
Well, time to go now. I'm going to sign up on Flickr for my clay group so I can see all the beautiful works of art from the group. I think you go to the PCAGOE Flickr area to see the art works without joining the team there. Not sure how that works. Give it a try if you wish and see. Also, check out and see what's happening with our monthly challenge and such...also there's a mini-"biography" on there each month that's very interesting about a member of our club.
Well, for now, take care,