Monday, July 14, 2008

How Long Have I Been Crafting?

I thought this would be a great time to mention how long I've been crafting. Basically, as long as I can remember! Even as a kid, I remember loving crafts of all sorts-going to Vacation Bible School, or craft classes in the summer, etc., or just at home. I can recall once when my older brothers had a little "printing press" kit, I just had to have one someday, and eventually I did, and made my own little "paper" (kind of crafty).
When I was just 11 or 12, I tumbled rocks in my tumbler and made necklaces, and also made God's Eyes (back in the early 70s), and sold them at the small town flea market!
The crafting bug continued, and I gradually built up supplies, from discount stores or yard sales, etc., until my stash was going pretty good (with the occasional forced "destash" by my mother)!
My love of sewing began very early as well. I remember when I was 13 in Home Ec, we had the assignment of making an entire outfit. After that, I was in love with sewing, well, if not before!
At the age of 15, I made another outfit! A lot of girls then weren't into sewing, anymore than they are today, I suppose.
I have always enjoyed sewing stuffed animals and such also. When my son was only 2, I made him a stuffed bear, made of green fake fur like material, because that's all I had or could afford at the time (a single mom)! He loved it and name it "Pumpkin"-it's still around somewhere!
So now, I sew pillows like my Grandmother sewed, with pictures stuffed in the front.

As for polymer clay, I think I first began with that in the late 80s, when I discovered it. I made some things and carved them with Xacto knives, using patterns from some books I'd gotten in a punch needle kit a few years earlier (at the state fair).
Then, just as recently as early this year, I decided to pick it up again and reenter the magical world of polymer clay! It's a wonderful world, and I'm glad I decided to come back. I still have pieces from back then, believe it or not, that I renovated, plus new ones I've made recently.
I recently purchased some cane ends from a fellow polymer clay artist (Sandi Lee Designs) and will be using some of those for focal beads to sell, and probably personal use-too pretty not to keep a few for myself!
I have an idea that I'm anxious to try also, as soon as I can, incorporating some 4x5 wooden plaques I got a couple of months ago, an idea that I did several years ago, that I'd like to revisit.
It's all about jewelry storage-we'll see how it goes hopefully. So many ideas in my head-it's hard sometimes to get them in order and make a clear choice! But I must, and I will! And the process will be fun! Thanks for reading, if you did!

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