Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I've Been Behind-Sorry

Sorry I've been behind with the holidays as you can understand, I'm sure. I haven't determined a winner yet of the contest, and haven't passed on my new Butterfly award or posted that yet, but will after Christmas! Thanks for your patience,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Christmas Contest From ME! Free Ornament!

Win this set! Three winners! The first place receives this polyclay ornament and gift tag, the second receives 100 EC credits from me. The third receives fifty (50) EC credits from me.

It's the green reindeer (without a nose) and a red TO gift tag. The reindeer has a yellow cord, and the red, Christmas tree shaped TO gift tag has a white cord.
The second picture is of the back sides.
The reindeer measures: 2 3/8" w x 3" l

Yes, a free ornament! It's simple to do. Go to my shop at
and have a look around. I'm gradually uploading more ornaments so check in everyday until the contest is over. There are a few more ornaments in the post below this one. It starts NOW as you are reading this and runs through until December 19, just after my daughter's birthday! (She turns nine-growing so fast)!
You get an entry for posting a comment here about which one(s) are your favorite(s) and why-you know the per day if you'd like. I will put the names in a hat-one per day per entry. You also get ten (10) entries for writing about this on your blog. Put it in your comment here, where your blog is so I can check it out or I can't know to give you proper credit!
When you win, you get this ornament and TO gift tag.

Polymer Clay Ornaments Are Ready For Sale!!! FREE SHIPPING on two or more..!

My polymer clay ornaments are done and partly loaded onto Etsy at or click on my Etsy mini towards the bottom of this page. I also have ones that erase!
Yep, they erase pencil on paper. Check them out-they're sea life shapes.


Remember, these are good for years to come, and make good gifts too for those who enjoy Christmas decor, which is most everyone! Or, why not start someone special out on a collection today of unique Christmas pieces? They can hang anywhere with their cords too, not just for the tree! And the Christian art pieces (more on that later) are good all year round.

All the polymer clay shapes have a nice
polyurethane gloss added to them for a good shine, on both sides (except for the erasable shapes as that would ruin them).

The multi-colored tree is a mirage of color for your tree or wall or wherever color is needed this season! It has a lavender cord.

The red and green decoration says on the front, "Christmas blessings." It is red and green on the back also. It has a red cord.

The angel is multi-colored on both sides and has a pink cord. Doesn't she look great on the tree?

The green and lavender ornament or wall plaque says on the front, "Praise the Lord, sun and moon, Praise Him, all you shining stars." It has a moon and a couple of stars on it also. The cord is lavender.

The red and brown ornament says on the front,
"Hark the herald angels sing" and has a couple of angels on it, the first with a trumpet as you can see. The back is on my Etsy shop, as well as a pix of it on the tree so you can see how it would look on your tree! The cord is gold ribbon. It is available in green tones also, shown at the Etsy shop.

Rudolph there has a red nose on both sides, as well as a smile to light his path! He is also available in brown tones similar to the green mixture. He has a yellow cord.

There are plenty more at my shop, and I'm in the process of loading up more. I also have some
package or gift tags that say "To" and "From" on them in the shapes of hearts, trees and circles or just odd shapes. You really have to see them! There is some more Christian art too, like pixes of Jesus standing and mini wall plaques or tree ornaments that say, "Jesus is my hero."

Now, go read about the contest I'm holding and advertising!