Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finally Back!

Well, sorry it's been so long to post, but for awhile we had no internet-after we moved on our own that is. It sucks having no TV and no internet, trust me! We watched movies at night, and during the day I just cleaned house and read and took care of my daughter after school-not much to do. I haven't done any claying in awhile, but plan to start soon-I need the therapy. Thank goodness I brought my stuff! In one truck full of stuff, I insisted on having it along because I knew the day would come I'd want it and need it for therapy if nothing else.
We don't plan to get our things in Tucson storage until Jan., that is, IF the money comes in for the moving truck. I hope so, as I'd like to see my 22 yr. old son, along with our sofas and things! We have two recliners, so at least there's that!
My fibromyalgia has been acting up a lot since we moved and I had to go to a doctor here by paying cash as I have no insurance in this state. We can't afford it yet, and it could be awhile. It's hard affording the medicine, even at Costco's, which is by far the cheapest place on earth for medicine I KNOW for a fact. Plus the doc would only prescribe a low acting pain killer since I'm new without records and all, but it is better than nothing. I did well making what I had last for three months as it is. Rick is getting painting business, which was the point of moving here, to get more work, but this month it slowed down again. We are trusting God for more work so that Tamara's Christmas will be decent. We only worry about her.
Speaking of health care, how are you thinking about all this Obama Care? I'm not for it-I think it tends toward Socialism and will affect the cost of health care a lot, not to mention make it hard to see a doctor, like in Canada. My mom's doctor in Az told her it would make things much worse in getting a doctor esp. for Seniors and in rural areas like theirs. Sucks. I don't think doctors like it much despite what Obama people say. Well, that's my two bits. At least it's updated finally! If you read through, thanks a million!