Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well, it's that time again! The Olympics are on, and I love all of it! OK, some sports more than others, yes, but in general I love the whole idea! The hate that they are on sooo late at night,
(up to 12:30 am here in AZ), but I do love them. I don't usually stay up that late, so I miss some, but that's OK, I'll take what I can get.
My favorite sports are the gymnastics and swimming. I also like watching the track events. I watch some water polo and volleyball, though those are not my favorites...it just depends upon whether anything is on TV or not, or what time of day it is and what I have to do!
I am proud of our gymnasts, though they didn't do quite as well as they would have liked. China is going great with 5 gold medals so far in men's gymnastics! But, overall, I think our men and women are going strong.
And, wow, what about that Michael Phelps?! He's quite a phenomenon, huh? I'll bet he's already got endorsement agents knocking on his back-door. That's OK-he deserves it. And he's got mom to keep him in line I'd say!
Being a stay-at-home mom, I have the freedom to watch the daytime activities on the Olympics, as I do house-work or polyclay, but I don't always do that. I just think we are all so privileged in this country of ours (USA) to be able to watch and enjoy the Olympics!
In some ways, when I see all the wonderful things about China and the Chinese symbols put on the Olympics, it makes me think about Chinese food! However, my husband's son and daughter-in-law took us out to a nice Chinese restaurant for our birthdays on the 8th of August (mine is the 4th and his is the 8th)! So we had our fill for awhile you could say.
Well, off to watch some more Olympics, they'll be on soon. What a great combo-watching Olympics and eating dinner!

This is a pendant that I really like-it's on Etsy. Isn't it beautiful? It's on a shop called:
www.ametistagirl.etsy.com. She is very talented and makes some terrific things! You should check her out. She has a lot of clever work in her shop, with great prices.
She also works on the Stumbling team with me in my polyclay group called: Polymer Clay Artists Of Etsy Guild (pcagoe.com). It's a wonderful, diverse group of clay artists on Etsy to which I belong. I really love it! If you'd like to check it out, go to: pcagoe.com/forum and see what the talk is like. I think you'll be impressed!
Well that's it for my shops this week, be sure and check out this artist!

Some Buttons I Made Recently...

Hi everyone! Well, this is an "off-post"-that is not a certain topic really, just a quick mention and some pixes of my new buttons. I made these for a customer because she not only bought two items, but sent me a generous birthday gift. So, these are for her. Two of the buttons, the square-shaped ones with "zebra-stripes", as I call them, were from a cane she made! Aren't they lovely? See what I mean? She sent clay, a few canes, and even a cash gift. She deserves every button and more! I don't have them all photographed-there are several more, trust me!
There are some made from a very complex cane that I made from an instructional book that she sent also. It's a great book! They're leaf shaped and square shaped. I'll try and photograph the cane ASAP. It's the first cane of that sort I've ever made, I mean that complex. Some of the leaf shaped ones were made from scraps of that cane, and turned out really pretty.
I hope you like them,

If you'd like some buttons like the ones on top or the red ones, or the "zebra striped" ones, please contact me by commenting here or at my shop on Etsy. I charge somewhere around
5-7 per set depending on how many is in the set, plus postage, including delivery confirmation.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some Shops To Visit On Etsy!

That's the shop where you will find that adorable mermaid, and two others right now! Plus, many other "wall hangers!" These are the most wonderful creations, and the cutest things made of polymer clay that I have ever seen! They're all "dancers" that go on your wall, in varying themes. I just love them! How creative an idea this is-check them all out and get one before they're all sold for the Christmas season!

Here is another Etsy shop I highly recommend for shopping now or for Christmas! You can get jewelry there or even clay canes! If you like claying, but are not so good at canes, just buy one here and turn into jewelry yourself-how much fun is that?! Or, just buy jewelry, as in the pix above of this sweet necklace.

Please don't forget my shops: www.plumuniqprettiesplus.etsy.com
THANKS for looking at our shops!

Holiday Crafting and Sales!

OK-so, today someone got me thinking about holiday sales. Actually, I was thinking of this the other day too I confess, just haven't gotten to it yet! So, here's the thing (as Monk would say): I REALLY want to cash in on the holiday season, just like any sales person does, but will I make it in time to do so? Well, I certainly hope so! Great answer, huh?
What I mean is that my 8 yr. old daughter, Tamara, is just getting back to school, on August 7th, (a day before her dad's birthday no less-and 3 days after mine-same age too)! So, that means a bit more time for me to do things, craft wise, SLIGHT bit less help in the house, yes, slight bit, like dusting or occasional vacuuming, so no real time threat there (LOL)...but it's also a matter of my health too. The fibromyalgia and spinal arthritis strikes when it wants, or when I bend my neck too much, or am at the computer too much, etc., so that matters too. I hate that! I don't let it
CONTROL my life, but it does affect it, no doubt. It's not something I can ignore.
But beyond that there's the bipolar which affects my moods-sometimes I just don't want to craft.
I love it, don't misunderstand, but there are times when I just don't want to do much of anything, and that is intermixed with the physical health thing too.
But, my enthusiasm is in high spirits. I DO have some cute Christmasy things to sew that I can take pixes of and list if I just get to it, or even turn into cute holiday pillows, as far as the cotton will go anyway. Plus, I am starting to make new things out of clay, like buttons...I love it-it's fun.
Circle, square, even leaf shaped! Not to mention heart shaped!
Now, let's not forget about school-I have thought about this: using erasable Sculpey to make some shapes for the new school season. I figure that kids and even teachers will like them-erasers in fun shapes, like sea life. Why not? Who knows what I may or may not do, we'll see.
I know some see my talking about this health thing as a bummer, a downer, but I see it as real life. I don't like to focus on the negative, but I am a realist, due to harsh, real life that I've lived.
When you've had your child taken from you for a few years, and you barely see her, because you have health issues and take medicine, (plus no lawyer and no money), real life hits you hard. Of course, what a joy to get her back again in my life!
She is part of my love of life and my love of crafts. But my crafting is also part of my therapy if you can understand that. It neutralizes all the negative crap in my life into something wonderful and fun, and brings out the creative part of me.
I am a musician-I play the piano, keyboards including accordion and some organ, and violin. But, at the time I have no instruments and that hurts at times. I long to play! So, claying and sewing help to relieve that hurt, the emotional lack of not playing. I hope that makes sense to you if you're still reading this. When I do these posts, I just free write, so it's whatever comes to me, and I know they get long.
Anyway, if I think of more, I'll be back!