Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Child's Christmas Wish List

Well, has the child/ren in your life submitted their Christmas lists yet? Mine sure has! My 8 (soon to be 9) yr. old daughter has BEEN giving her list for awhile now. She recently wrote it down just to make sure that mom and dad wouldn't miss a thing this year! Not that it will be filled down to the letter, doubtful, but we'll try to at least get some of what is on it. Like any typical child, every time there's a commercial for a toy, she points it out with, "I want that." That phrase is getting old in our apartment lately!
So, some of the things on her list? Littlest Pet Shop Digital Planner, Nintendo DS and game or Gameboy (a biggie), Fur Real stuffed dog or cat, a microscope with a science kit, Pixols (not sure of spelling-a craft kit on TV), one of those electronic flying planes (she's a little bit of a tomboy), and much more. Those are the priority ones.
Well, we'll do our best as the money comes in. Hopefully, I'll get my polymer clay crafts done and sell several to help out with that.
Anyway, I was thinking today that most kids have a wishlist (so do adults). But the most important thing a child can have is love and respect. By respect, I mean allowing them to speak what they are thinking without getting down on them and giving them room to grow in their own way. Of course, they need guidance, but sometimes we parents micromanage our kids so much we don't give them room to think and discover answers on their own. They will make mistakes, but so did we-so DO we, as adults. That's how we all learn.
Well, that's it for now. Hope your child's or children's wish list/s goes well for you. Above all, I hope you give plenty of love and respect to your child/ren, as I'm sure you do.

Monday, October 27, 2008

That is the URL of a wonderful blog that I hope you visit. Why? Well, besides being a great blog, this wonderful woman made me a 125x125 ad for my Entrecard that is just terrific! I did have a generic EC green one.
Best part is, I didn't even ask! She did this as a gift, from the willingness of her own heart. I truly think people could/would pay her for doing this-she is very talented. I don't want her to get inundated with requests for free ads since I wrote this, because that wouldn't be fair to her (unless she wants to of course), but I wanted to give her the recognition she deserves!
I honestly could not pay for an ad at this point; she didn't know that, but God did. I paid some EC credits once to someone to do an ad, who never came through for me, so that failed. But God knows what we need and what we want. I believe God sent Sweet Mummy to do this for me, because He knew I needed a better ad and wanted one as well.
She put a polymer clay piece I made on the ad, with a red background. It looks very pretty. The red background is some fabric I shot the piece on-and it works in the ad very well. This post is being written out of thankfulness, not a sponsored ad or anything like that. And she didn't ask for anything in return-very humble, I'd say.
So, what a "sweet" surprise to find this waiting for me in my comment section and in my message box on EC! With that, thanks Sweet Mummy, you're the best! God bless,

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Great Site To Check Out For Coaches...

This post is a little different. It's NOT a sponsored post, just one I'm writing on my own. It's about a great web site I know of called www.Tazsport.com. What is it you ask? Well, let me tell you!
You know those sites like Monster.com, where they match you up to employment? Well, this site is similar, only it's for Coaches and sports administrators only! There are about 7 or so jobs added each day of the business week, in various states (and an occasional International job post). The staff does most of the posts, though people are welcome to sign up as employers and add their own posts as well.
How much does it cost? It's free! Yes, free to check it out. To get full details, it's only 19.95 for the first account level. You can't beat that in these economic times. So, if you know a Coach or sports admin, or are one yourself, looking for a job, check it out! You'll be glad you did!
BTW, if you are a entering coach, or know of one, or a "wannabe," there are often entry level jobs posted, or for those with little experience, especially with Middle Schools, and sometimes at colleges looking for someone enrolled in college in a sports degree.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back To Crafting Soon...

This is a quick post. Just to say that since this is to be a blog about claying (and other things, apparently), I am going to get back into the claying game here soon-I'm determined! Of course, soooo many boxes left unpacked, but that's OK. I'm not rushing-I have fibromyalgia and rushing is NOT a good thing for me. Taking it easy IS. So, that's how it is. The day to day things are getting done, and that's good. I have Christmas things all made, just need to sand and polish, plus string a few Christmas bracelets together, and that's that. I can be done by November if I try hard enough, or shortly thereafter anyway. The boxes WILL get unpacked as the days go on, I'm not worried. So, when I do get back to crafting (OR unpacking boxes-LOL), you'll be the first to know.

A Terrific Contest I Found...

What 's this address for? Well, it's to get me some entries in a contest I saw! A very wonderful contest in fact-and you can get entries too, by going there and doing the same, or just commenting or whatever you choose. It's easy to do...there are many great prizes, so check it out! You'll be glad you did!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well, we finally got moved-whew! In ONE week folks, we packed and moved. Talk about tiring.
But we have a bigger place now, which is great! Our daughter so needed her own room, and she is in "My Room" Heaven right now! Plus our room is sooo much larger than the former master room. And that extra bath is great too! Well, you know how it is when you upgrade.
The ONLY thing that went wrong is with the cable system. We had it transferred the day we moved. Great. NOT. That day the guy said the signal was weak, but it worked. That night, (Sat.), some of the channels were not working so well. Then, on Monday night went the internet. I work on the internet, at Tazsport.com, a coaching employment matching site. I called the cable company. We got an appointment for Wednesday. Wednesday morning, the tech called saying the whole complex was down (they have a contract with this company most likely), and they would fix it Friday morning. FRIDAY! What choice was there? That's the last time I trust a cable company.
I am in the office today typing this, on the FOLLOWING Saturday. Now, they say it's our apartment and it will be Sunday before they can fix it. Great. So, I emailed my boss to let him know what's happening, and do this blog and a little Entrecard dropping, after my work was caught up. On top of it all, the office Manager tells me the cable wasn't out in the office this week. My fault, I should've called the office to check on it myself. That's what you get when you don't check yourself!
But, at least I got a lot put away in the apartment! We had my husband's grandson over on Monday, visiting my daughter (she's 8 and he's 6)-they were out of school last week), and in one day I got the kitchen set up. Thankfully, the food was already put up. Well, all except a TON of glasses and mugs that we unearthed, that were in storage in Texas. But, those are all clean and put away now. Whew! Now, if only someone could tell me where to put all those books and folders we have found! We sooo need another bookshelf! Oh well, the joys of moving!

Friday, October 10, 2008

On The Road Again!

On the road again! Yep, we're moving! We just got our "stuff" from Texas recently (like a couple weeks ago), and now we're moving! Yikes, a busy month! Well, this was a most sudden move too.
Last weekend, we were discussing how tired we were of not having enough space (under 800 sq. ft), and needed more, but funds are tight right now. We drove by a couple of apartment complexes that this company owns (and my hubby works for), and like one of them. The next day he dropped in to talk to the manager, whom he knows already, and the price on a couple of apartments had been reduced to a price nearly what we pay now (well, not much more anyway-with his discount)!
Plus, the gas, water and trash come for a small fee. So, here are. It was open this weekend, so we hurriedly packed everything up. A lot was packed from Texas already, of course, a lot was still left.
Whoo, what a rush!
So, this will be a busy week, but well worth it. It's upstairs, which I wasn't sure I'd like, with having fibromyalgia and all, but I figure the climbing will be good exercise. Plus, the view is really cool too.
Well, I have to go get something packed or cleaned or whatever, but first, a nice bowl of ice-cream to celebrate what I've accomplished so far!