Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hi all!
It's time to do the monthly PCAGOE challenge! That is the clay group I am in, and proudly so.
There are less this month, so it's easier to choose. The theme is "Personal Hero." Each entrant interpreted that in their own way, so there are a variety of themes in there! It's quite interesting really. I sure wish I could vote, but I'm a member and can't-LOL!
If you vote and win, you just may win a prize, so it's worth it for sure. You would get a cool assembly of clay items made by our members. Just for voting (if you win that is). It's so easy to do too...just go to
and it is right there on the front page.
We are now experimenting with color changes on the page. It is white but may change. How do you like it? You can always contact the administrators and let them know if you do or don't, but of course be nice about it if you do! They do a wonderful job I think, with the web site, don't they?

Now in other matters, I am soooo happy that I finally finished a couple of necklaces with my polymer pieces AND improved my photos on my shop. YES, they need changing and upgrading, but wow, they are sooo much better! I have heard that perhaps I should use white paper or light colored paper as a background and I'm thinking of doing that, with outdoor lighting.
OR, since I have no colored paper on hand, and no budget at the moment, perhaps I'll take some
watercolor pencils and do a light wash on a couple sheets to use. Maybe a swirl or two, nothing distracting though.
If anyone would like to comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, be nice of course!
I only have a 2.1 Mg. camera right now, and it is the best I can do until more funds come in, which may be awhile...so, please understand that part of it all.
PLUS, if you go there to check those out, check out my Thunderbird necklace. I made the actual Thunderbird piece some time ago, but just made the necklace with it a few days ago. It was fun too. I made the other necklace, the cameo, at my parent's house while visiting a couple of weeks ago. It's a choker, as it's only about 13" in length, but fits my neck, or a teen's neck would be fine also.
I have a SLEW full of sea shells and other water critters that I made, and beads to match, that I still need to string up for sale. I'm going to make two each for my niece(12-she's visiting us for a month), and my daughter (8). They are going to model them for me. That will be fun.
I'd better hurry though-she'll only be here another couple weeks, or less!
We're going to bead tomorrow after their chores are done-what a blast that should be! I'm actually going to let them use some of my polymer clay. I say that because I am limited, though I'm expecting about 4 pounds of scrap clay, plus a couple cane ends from a member in my group, that sold them to me really cheap, at cost really. That was sweet and a true blessing! So I know I have more coming. I hope they come soon! They were mailed a few weeks ago, wow, the Post Office is getting slow lately! Oh well...
So, that's enough for now, if anyone sees this! LOL!
SO, go vote and see my shop here, and leave comments on what you think about what I'm planning for my photos...etc...


My other shop (Grandma's Pillows Plus www.grandmaspillowsplus.etsy.com) may not work at the time as I cannot pay the fees. I racked up too many show cases! Learned the hard way.
It may though. If you want to buy something from there and can't, please convo me there or at my other shop, and I'll just list it in the other shop for purchase! I'll even give you a 10% off discount for the trouble! In fact I'm offering 15% off everything in that shop anyway, and 10% off anything in the Plumuniq shop. So, see if you like it, and wait for the redone invoice. Oh, just to remind me (I get forgetful at times) just put 10% off in the seller's notes.

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