Monday, July 28, 2008

Since the theme this month for the pcagoe group, I thought it might be interesting to look at what our art would be like without the mediums of TV and theater in our lives? Any comments or ideas about that?
I'd love to hear them, as long as it's clean and decent! Rated no more than PG in other words, and no swear words allowed here.
Think about this-whatever your art or craft-how has TV shows and movies, or just the media in general affected your work, or has it? Do you craft anything to do with movie or TV themes?
I know personally, in my DIY Scene (, many artists do clothing and pendants, jewelry, etc., themed to zombies and living dead type stuff, or the ever-popular skulls and pirates.
Now, I know that comes from TV and movies...they also do things themed toward music groups, another type media, in one respect.
Whether it's a likeness on a clothing article or pendant, or just a generalized theme, I see it everywhere in hand crafted items...what have you noticed or seen in hand crafted items, that you can tell has to do with TV or movies, etc?
Leave your thoughts here...

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