Monday, July 7, 2008

What I learned from a failed craft effort...

Well, this is a topic from a group I'm in. That's a tough one, because I have made so many errors in my crafting! (Don't we all)! Anyway, I'm big time into polymer clay right now, so, as I'm learning
the processes of claying, and there are many. When I attempted my first "tin," that is to say, you take a mint tin, or small tin, and put clay on it and bake, it was something! My first one was round, (no hinges) and not "too bad" but it is bulky, because I put clay in the bottom of the tin, to cover the brand words! Not my best work, but it was my first. I put butterflies on the side and bottom, and rolled beads on top.

My second tin was for my niece, and geez, I tried it alone without the tute, and the lid wouldn't shut-I had put too much clay up against the hinges! I scraped some off, still wouldn't completely shut, but it would lay down anyway! I put "sea shells" (from a mold) on it all along the top edge.
I painted along where I scraped off the clay.
She like it a lot (it was for her 12th birthday). I don't have it here to show.
So, I truly learned to pay attention to tutes when starting a new project I'm not familiar with!
I soo want to make a beautiful cane, like a butterfly one, but they look so hard-who knows, maybe next! First though, I have to make a couple necklaces, as other late presents for my niece, before she goes back to Prescott Valley. She is staying with us in Tucson for a month. She's leaving next week, so I have to hurry!
Good luck on your next craft adventure!

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