Monday, July 28, 2008

Three Great Etsy Shops I Found To Check Out!

Happy Time Jewelry Box-that is the piece below! Isn't it lovely? It has even been reduced to 25.00 from 45.00! What a great buy! This is at the shop on Etsy called Cookies Creations. What a talented clay artist!

Visit now to find it and other terrific buys!

Here is another shop to check out this week.
Her pieces are very folksy, like rabbits and critters. They're very cool to see-you have to see to get the full gist of them! Here's one example below:

This is a jar (below) done by clay artist Arzumusa ( One of 7 of them. She also makes candle holders, flower pots and other home items that really rock! I love checking out other Etsy clay artists and their work, and this is one artist whose work is astounding to see.
Check it out also! When you do, Stumble ( it for her also and help spread the word!

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