Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, it's time to blog again-OK-past time!
Anyway, I finally got to my Christmas goodies! Yeah for me! That is to say that I sanded most of my clay holiday ornaments, including my "To" and "FROM" Christmas tree shaped tags, and polished them. I even sprayed a few rounds of polyurethane on them. They look sooo good shiny! I am out of Future With Pledge, which many of us polymer clay enthusiasts use on our finished pieces, and can't afford it right now, so I'm using the spray that I have. It works well too.
Once they're all sprayed, I'll attach ribbons into each one with which to hang them. They can be hung on a tree or a wall, either way.
There are phrases and pictures, such as the Madonna and Child. Some are Scriptural phrases, and others are just holiday phrases, and there are even a couple of just silly phrases-for the fun of it!
I even made a bunch of Christmas tree shapes to put into bracelets for girls or women. I think they will turn out nicely.
Now I know it's getting closer and closer to Christmas, that's why I'm hurrying this. As long as there is a good two weeks for shipping (shouldn't take that long really) and time for people to see them, I'm not worried. I have every intention of getting these done by this weekend at the latest. So that gives me about a month to have them on Etsy. If there's time, I'll complete the buttons and sea shell life also and add on.
I also sanded and buffed my erasable clay creations. Most of them are sea life. Some fit on pencils. These can't be sprayed for obvious reasons! My daughter sure loves these...she claimed a few for herself. She always claims a few of my newest batches for herself!
Speaking of my daughter (who's 9 in December, on the 17th), she loves making clay things. She's been lately getting into my clay and just creating away, and she makes the most awesome things for such a youngster! The cutest little people and little toys. Some time I may give her a corner in my Etsy shop to sell a few of her things (at a fair price of course). She'd be so proud if she sold something-so would dad and I!
Well, that's enough for today. Catch you again soon, when I have some pixes of the finished pieces-who knows, they may be mounted on an artificial tree!

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