Wednesday, November 12, 2008

God Bless All The Soldiers!

Well, this is late, and so am I on my posting this month, but I am still unpacking and working on my Christmas goodies for sale (my polymer clay goodies, that is-treats don't come until late November, around Thanksgiving time)!
Anyway, most of the unpacking is done, thanks to my husband, who is so helpful-he knows it's hard for me having fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease (and spinal arthritis, etc.), with migraines. It all gets hard at times. But my crafts keep me going-well, that is, after my husband and daughter.
So, I wanted to say a big thanks to all the soldiers past and present for keeping us safe here in our land. We have so much to be thankful for. Americans are the richest people on the earth, bar none, and we should all be thankful, even the most poverty stricken amongst us are rich compared to so many overseas and in S. American homes, especially countries that are in Africa and such areas.
If you are a parent of a soldier, then God bless you too, as you go through it with that son or daughter. I am so thankful my 21 yr. old son is not a soldier-I don't think right now I could handle that. Maybe because I've been through so much, but I just know it would be tougher for me than him I think!
Anyway, God bless all soldiers, no matter what gender or what war fought in! Thank you from me and my family!

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  1. Even if I don't believe in the war, I do believe in supporting the troops that are in it. A very sweet and endearing post.:)