Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting My Crafts (Polymer Clay Ornaments) Done...

Hi-I hopefully I will have some nice shots of my latest creations for you by next week. I am ready to put the ribbons into the holes (they are ornaments with holes on top for hanging), then one more coat of polish and it's done. Then the photos. That part takes awhile. But it will get done. FINALLY!
So, are you shopping for Thanksgiving dinner yet? We have some stuff, but not all, and not the Turkey-not enough room in the freezer which is very small! It will come in time though, so we're certainly not worried. This year, my hubby is on call for his company (sucky I know) and his boys are having dinner with their wives' families, so it looks like we'll be having a dinner for three unless something changes before then. Oh well, it's doable. We usually cook us a little dinner anyway, just to have turkey and side dish left overs for awhile! They're great-I especially love the home made dressing, from bread crumbs and celery! I miss my mom's dressing, but they live almost four hours away and we can't go because Rick's on call. That's life. Hopefully for Christmas, we'll go there and celebrate with them and my brother, his two kids, and my 21 yr. old son.
Yesterday, at the apartment complex, we had dinner at the clubhouse, near the office. It was a potluck for everyone-they provided the turkey and ham. It was great with all the different side dishes-just like a smorgasbord! Sort of like a "pre-Thanksgiving Dinner!" Then us three played "Mexican Train"-a domino game. We really like dominoes.
Well, until I post again, take care,


  1. Can't wait to see some pics of those ornaments! And stamping on poly-clay? Sounds really neat! Thanks for checking out and commenting on my blog ~ Cheryl

  2. I still need to shop- but I put it off to the last for storage reasons too. We like large hams!

  3. Yes, we finally got our turkey and supplies for the big day-thankfully, yesterday (Sunday)!
    And I'm still waiting to get shots of my ornaments. I tried a new glaze and it's not dry yet-I hope it hurries! I may have to take the pictures with the glaze a little wet. We put up our tree very early this year, on Sat! It's just a fake 4 footer, but it works. I'm going to use it to put my ornaments on and take the photos for a nice
    background. Hopefully that will work nicely.
    Thanks for the great comments!