Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Contest
This is a link to a contest for Hallmark-for adhesive wrapping paper and a greeting card. In her post, she describes some good products Hallmark has out, including the "No Peeking Bag" and others! Sounds great!
So if you want to enter the contest, just go to the link and check it out!


  1. Hi thanks for dropping by
    One of a Kind Wisconsin- Pamela. What is the name of your friend? or do you have several? What made your interested in ventriloquism. Besides the post on Jerry Mahoney- I posted a video on the bottom of my site on Charlie McCarthy- I can't say that I am really into ventriloquism. But I really like to watch the person involved and see how much they move or don't- that's what's fascinating to me...

  2. My friend's name is Donny. I also have Sunshine (a lamb who is a Southern Belle)-a puppet styled friend, and an over-the-shoulder friend name Reigna the Reindeer in Fall/Winter and Cammy the Camel in other months!
    Donny is a Charlie McCarthy typed dummy. I don't have recording equipment or I'd do a video for you!
    I also don't have speakers so I couldn't watch the video-sorry, but it looked good!

  3. Sunshine kind of sounds like Lambchop- I loved Sherry Lewis and my kids liked her show- her later one. I am still trying to figure out if my Dad ever received Jerry Mahoney? Most of his family is deceased.

    I am sorry you weren't able to hear the video. My teenager watched it and he picked up a reference to the middle finger that I didn't. He said is that a "kids show?" It was kind of funny because my Dad was a real scamp and I can see kids like him loving Jerry Mahoney- he was really naughty. I think that really naughty friends really appeal to little boys!

    Can I make a suggestion so you get even more comments. Go to your comment settings and open it up to name and url as well. That way blogger who have blogs off of blogspot can comment as well. I wouldn't have been able to comment on your site- unless I had my other blogger blogs.

  4. Thanks for the tip-I'll do that (the name and URL thing)! Thanks for the comments also...