Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well, we finally got moved-whew! In ONE week folks, we packed and moved. Talk about tiring.
But we have a bigger place now, which is great! Our daughter so needed her own room, and she is in "My Room" Heaven right now! Plus our room is sooo much larger than the former master room. And that extra bath is great too! Well, you know how it is when you upgrade.
The ONLY thing that went wrong is with the cable system. We had it transferred the day we moved. Great. NOT. That day the guy said the signal was weak, but it worked. That night, (Sat.), some of the channels were not working so well. Then, on Monday night went the internet. I work on the internet, at, a coaching employment matching site. I called the cable company. We got an appointment for Wednesday. Wednesday morning, the tech called saying the whole complex was down (they have a contract with this company most likely), and they would fix it Friday morning. FRIDAY! What choice was there? That's the last time I trust a cable company.
I am in the office today typing this, on the FOLLOWING Saturday. Now, they say it's our apartment and it will be Sunday before they can fix it. Great. So, I emailed my boss to let him know what's happening, and do this blog and a little Entrecard dropping, after my work was caught up. On top of it all, the office Manager tells me the cable wasn't out in the office this week. My fault, I should've called the office to check on it myself. That's what you get when you don't check yourself!
But, at least I got a lot put away in the apartment! We had my husband's grandson over on Monday, visiting my daughter (she's 8 and he's 6)-they were out of school last week), and in one day I got the kitchen set up. Thankfully, the food was already put up. Well, all except a TON of glasses and mugs that we unearthed, that were in storage in Texas. But, those are all clean and put away now. Whew! Now, if only someone could tell me where to put all those books and folders we have found! We sooo need another bookshelf! Oh well, the joys of moving!


  1. Oh, this isn't what I was wanting to hear! We'll be moving in a bit (not sure when, not sure where - my Sweetie is in the job search mode) and I keep praying that it will go smoothly. I know there are all kinds of things that could happen... I'm hoping not too many bad ones happen!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  2. Getting serviced on your cable/internet is really hard these days -- even if you live for years in the same house :) - I hope all is sorted out now.
    But the good thing is that you got everything put away...

  3. Thanks guys. Don't worry, Sweet Mummy, I doubt it will be that bad for you! And we DID get the week's credit off the bill, which helped. There was 1 more comment, but it's not showing for some reason. Oh well. Pam