Friday, October 10, 2008

On The Road Again!

On the road again! Yep, we're moving! We just got our "stuff" from Texas recently (like a couple weeks ago), and now we're moving! Yikes, a busy month! Well, this was a most sudden move too.
Last weekend, we were discussing how tired we were of not having enough space (under 800 sq. ft), and needed more, but funds are tight right now. We drove by a couple of apartment complexes that this company owns (and my hubby works for), and like one of them. The next day he dropped in to talk to the manager, whom he knows already, and the price on a couple of apartments had been reduced to a price nearly what we pay now (well, not much more anyway-with his discount)!
Plus, the gas, water and trash come for a small fee. So, here are. It was open this weekend, so we hurriedly packed everything up. A lot was packed from Texas already, of course, a lot was still left.
Whoo, what a rush!
So, this will be a busy week, but well worth it. It's upstairs, which I wasn't sure I'd like, with having fibromyalgia and all, but I figure the climbing will be good exercise. Plus, the view is really cool too.
Well, I have to go get something packed or cleaned or whatever, but first, a nice bowl of ice-cream to celebrate what I've accomplished so far!


  1. moving is rally tiring, but it's good that you got the apartment at a much lower rate. ;)

  2. Neat that you have found an apartment that suits your needs. Great that you had most everything still packed :)

    Blessings to you and yours...