Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back To Crafting Soon...

This is a quick post. Just to say that since this is to be a blog about claying (and other things, apparently), I am going to get back into the claying game here soon-I'm determined! Of course, soooo many boxes left unpacked, but that's OK. I'm not rushing-I have fibromyalgia and rushing is NOT a good thing for me. Taking it easy IS. So, that's how it is. The day to day things are getting done, and that's good. I have Christmas things all made, just need to sand and polish, plus string a few Christmas bracelets together, and that's that. I can be done by November if I try hard enough, or shortly thereafter anyway. The boxes WILL get unpacked as the days go on, I'm not worried. So, when I do get back to crafting (OR unpacking boxes-LOL), you'll be the first to know.


  1. hi pamela =)

    just dropping by to say hi! Enjoy the rest of the week =)

  2. Hi! I just found your blog through entrecard, and I have enjoyed reading it..I am moving TO San Angelo, in about a month, isn't that funny? I lived there before, we will not be settling there however...maybe a 1-2 year stay. (we want to be in San Antonio) Yes..take care with the unpacking, I have a few close people in my life that have fibromyalgia..take care!

  3. Thanks guys-enjoy your trip to Texas mysweetthree, and thanks Wendy!
    Take care both of you! Pam

  4. Unpacking can take so long... it's always the first priority to get the necessities out, but everything else can just stretch on and on. We'll be moving in December (we think) and 95% of our stuff is already packed and in storage...has been there since April. I'm not sure I'll remember what all I packed anymore!

    Hey - did you get my message at Entrecard? I sent you a little gift! If not, let me know and I can send it again...

  5. Hi Sweet Mummy,
    I just found it! Wow! It's great! Thanks a million! I actually had paid some EC to have one done, and the person never got back to me, so it was a bust! I couldn't afford to pay for one right now, and don't know how to make them (don't have a good paint program either, like photoshop). I love it-it's sweet and looks great! I'll definitely use it-I've been thinking hard about wanting a better card, and praying for one, so God sent you as an answer to a prayer! Thanks,