Monday, October 27, 2008
That is the URL of a wonderful blog that I hope you visit. Why? Well, besides being a great blog, this wonderful woman made me a 125x125 ad for my Entrecard that is just terrific! I did have a generic EC green one.
Best part is, I didn't even ask! She did this as a gift, from the willingness of her own heart. I truly think people could/would pay her for doing this-she is very talented. I don't want her to get inundated with requests for free ads since I wrote this, because that wouldn't be fair to her (unless she wants to of course), but I wanted to give her the recognition she deserves!
I honestly could not pay for an ad at this point; she didn't know that, but God did. I paid some EC credits once to someone to do an ad, who never came through for me, so that failed. But God knows what we need and what we want. I believe God sent Sweet Mummy to do this for me, because He knew I needed a better ad and wanted one as well.
She put a polymer clay piece I made on the ad, with a red background. It looks very pretty. The red background is some fabric I shot the piece on-and it works in the ad very well. This post is being written out of thankfulness, not a sponsored ad or anything like that. And she didn't ask for anything in return-very humble, I'd say.
So, what a "sweet" surprise to find this waiting for me in my comment section and in my message box on EC! With that, thanks Sweet Mummy, you're the best! God bless,

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  1. You are SO welcome!! I'm just glad that you liked it, and can't wait to see it around the network!!