Tuesday, September 2, 2008


OK-I have now finished a ton of buttons and beads! That is to say that I just finished doing several sets (5 buttons per set) of buttons. Some are in the design shown down further in this blog, and some are from a cane which is composed of several canes put together. They are all very pretty-I love how they turned out. I need only sand and polish, which I am in the process of doing. They will then be photographed and put in my Etsy clay shop.
I also am proud of the beads that turned out from the scraps of the buttons. Several are in a "sea-shell" shape, that is, cut from triangular shapes and rolled into a "sea-shell" shape. They turned out quite well. Some are from translucent clay-I put colored powder into the clay, giving it a "floating color" type look. They look like real sea-shells on the beach. Again, the beads need only to be sanded and polished, which will be done after the buttons.
IF anyone wishes to have these very unique and beautiful buttons before they're listed, please convo me at my Etsy shop. I'll quote you a price and we'll go from there. You won't be disappointed! They're very pretty and would make an interesting design on any hand made clothing, or if you collect buttons, these would make great additions to your collection.
Do you know a seamstress or button collector? Think Christmas! If you are interested in Christmasy buttons, that can be arranged also. I'll be doing some Christmas themed buttons and beads soon, once this batch is finished. This batch should be finished this week sometime easily enough.
I also have plans to do some 3x5 "cards"-that is wooden plaques with clay cards on them. Perhaps birthdays, get well, and holiday. If interested in this project NOW, just convo me. I am also going to complete jewelry for girls and women, with sea-shell and sea-life themes. I also may do some "stamps." That is letters stamped into circles or squares of clay. They can be put on envelopes or whatever you desire as "seals" that personalize your things. Again, if anyone is interested in this jewelry NOW, just convo me at my shop. I'll be happy to work something out right now.
This is, after all, a good time to begin Christmas shopping and planning. You know those hard to buy for people on your list? You know, the type that you just want to get the most unique thing for so they will think your gifts are the ultimate? Well, polymer clay is just that! It's unique and beautiful and lasts a long time! It's creative and artistic. It can be utilitarian as well as gorgeous in design-it's full of surprises! It's not as fragile as ceramic, which breaks sooo easily-polymer holds up! I'm not saying to wash polymer buttons in the washer, but the clay is still much more durable in my opinion than ceramic or porcelain items! I've dropped buttons and other polymer clay items on the kitchen floor, and they were just fine-not a scratch on them. Can you say that about ceramic or porcelain? It's doubtful. So why not give polymer clay a try this Christmas, or for someone's birthday, or just because they're a great person? Maybe to a terrific boss or co-worker, or to a special parent or child just because they deserve recognition!

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  1. Awesome job on all of those beads. I found you on entre card, and decided to read on. I too make polymer clay creations on Etsy, it's always nice to see who else does! :)