Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some Shops To Visit On Etsy!
That's the shop where you will find that adorable mermaid, and two others right now! Plus, many other "wall hangers!" These are the most wonderful creations, and the cutest things made of polymer clay that I have ever seen! They're all "dancers" that go on your wall, in varying themes. I just love them! How creative an idea this is-check them all out and get one before they're all sold for the Christmas season!

Here is another Etsy shop I highly recommend for shopping now or for Christmas! You can get jewelry there or even clay canes! If you like claying, but are not so good at canes, just buy one here and turn into jewelry yourself-how much fun is that?! Or, just buy jewelry, as in the pix above of this sweet necklace.

Please don't forget my shops:
THANKS for looking at our shops!

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