Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some Buttons I Made Recently...

Hi everyone! Well, this is an "off-post"-that is not a certain topic really, just a quick mention and some pixes of my new buttons. I made these for a customer because she not only bought two items, but sent me a generous birthday gift. So, these are for her. Two of the buttons, the square-shaped ones with "zebra-stripes", as I call them, were from a cane she made! Aren't they lovely? See what I mean? She sent clay, a few canes, and even a cash gift. She deserves every button and more! I don't have them all photographed-there are several more, trust me!
There are some made from a very complex cane that I made from an instructional book that she sent also. It's a great book! They're leaf shaped and square shaped. I'll try and photograph the cane ASAP. It's the first cane of that sort I've ever made, I mean that complex. Some of the leaf shaped ones were made from scraps of that cane, and turned out really pretty.
I hope you like them,

If you'd like some buttons like the ones on top or the red ones, or the "zebra striped" ones, please contact me by commenting here or at my shop on Etsy. I charge somewhere around
5-7 per set depending on how many is in the set, plus postage, including delivery confirmation.

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  1. Those are cute! I think it would be fun to have a shirt with buttons that weren't "traditional". :-)