Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well, after having the flu for 2 weeks in March, I got way behind! Having fibromyagia, it makes the flu worse and last longer! Ugghhh! Anyway, I finally got my pink background with yellow skulls and aces cards pillow done! Whoo! It looks good. I put metallic thread and bright fashion pink thread for top-stitching all around ALL the pictures. PLUS, ALL the yellow skulls are stuffed.
A lot are stuffed! I wasn't going to stuff that many at first, but wanted it to look really good. It has a cool purple lace trim around it. Well, my husband and 8 year old daughter really like it, but like most all my pillows! My daughter wants to keep them all! She already has two, and the collection will grow, I'm sure!
I am charging 49.95, though I put a LOT of hours into it.
I sure hope someone sees it that really likes it, as much as my family, if not more!!! Someone who will pay that is!

I have some extra left-over scrap material from it that I am highly thinking of turning into a really mini-pillow, or a pin-cushion. Probably the pin-cusion, or maybe two. Maybe that would sell. After all, it is Grandmas Pillows PLUS, not just pillows!
As for my other Etsy site, Plumuniq Pretties Plus, nothing has sold. It needs more promotion though. I need business cards and other promo materials, but need money for those! I know a
few people who would hand them out, but I can't afford them yet. I still need to get more cotton!

First priority is for to go see my son in a couple of weeks. That will take some gas. He lives about 5 hours away, and with gas prices and eating there and back, well...cotton and biz cards will have to wait. His birthday is April 20, TODAY, and he is 21!!! I am so proud of him and my daughter, just because they are who they are. I miss him, and of course also in that little town
are my parents, younger brother and his two kids, that have been near me since their birth, 9 and 11 years ago.
I have been in Tucson now since around September of 07, reunited with my x. Our daughter is sure happy about that, and so am I! We may not stay here, not sure. Depends upon what happens when his house in Texas sells. Depends upon where he can get better work. I wish we could move back to Prescott Valley, where my family is, and where it's about 12 degrees
cooler! Beautiful mountains too, but oh well. This is priority right now.
That's all for now...

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