Friday, May 2, 2008

Go to: and vote for the May challenge for the group by May 3rd!

OK-everyone, I am now officially a member of the PCAGOE polymer clay artists group on Etsy.
I couldn't be more thrilled! I've been wanting to join this group, and finally got the dues money!
Yeah! I love the medium.. I like sewing yes, but kind of look at the pillows like more a way for
extra "bigger" money, like a job as it were. An enjoyable job, yes, but a job. The clay is my play
and for extra money, hopefully. I want to do jewelry, and other things. I once made some polymer
necklace holders in the shape of roses, I want to do those and others again. They have a new
Sculpey, which is erasable! Yes, you make erasers of this stuff! So, some time when I have more
money to buy extra stuff like that, I'd love to make some for kids in fun kid shapes...
just explore different polymer projects is what I really want to do. I have found so many great
tutorials now, with the help of my new friends at PCAGOE! I love the art of caning-it's so
I know one thing-eventually I need a pasta maker! Can't wait! I always thought I needed one, just didn't know it would be for clay purposes!! LOL!!!
I made an entry for the May challenge, just in the nick of time with a piece I had just completed
recently with my last bit of good clay. The rest is dried out. But my cell phone does poor pixes,
so it does not look so good! I am working on getting a better camera (digital), it won't be the
greatest quality, but as long as it does close-up enough to see the item without blur it will have to do for the time being.
It is more important to me right now to get clay supplies. I need tools and textures and powders and all those great things. A little at a time of course.
I have been invited to write for the newsletter-how exciting! I am going to do a "research" project. Sort of like a "see it through the eyes of a beginner learning a new technique" sort of
approach. This way I learn a new technique, and get to share the results with everyone! Maybe
I'll discover some new, cool thing, huh, wouldn't that be awesome! LOL!
I was blown away to see that there is a whole encyclopedia for nothing but polymer clay, probably more than one I'm sure! Wow! What a medium-can you tell I'm passionate about it!
Can't wait to get some clay and get going. (A clay sale at Michael's this Sunday I heard).
Well, that's enough for now, plenty enough. Hope you enjoyed this. I will endeavor to do better
with pixes and links from now on, promise!
See how blurry my challenge piece is? Sigh. It is supposed to be a rose on a heart stick. Oh well.
The blue piece is one I did awhile back, but never painted it, so I painted it recently and added
the glitter, it's fabric glitter. I like that because it's fine grade.

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