Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Post For An Assignment For Trade-A-Holics

HI. This post is NOT about me or my stuff, but about someone else and THEIR stuff!
This is an assignment for a group I belong to on etsy (names given after the post).

This "youngish" person likes pirates I'd have to say, and no doubt so does her little boy and husband.
She has some very cute things on her shop. I think they are high quality, especially with the
time she has to make them, considering she works outside her home, in the field of accounting.

She lives in Denver, Co, where I bet it is still cold! Unlike here in Tucson, where REALLY cold is a foreign concept (I'm finding out in my 7 months here)! I envy this person for the snow she
must have-I miss that!

"Loving you is semi-sweet" or so it says on one of her hand mades! What a cute concept-an
altered package on something I personally love, a Cadbury bar!
I could use one of those gift card holders, believe me, to help me organize myself! Hmmm...organizing, that is also a goal of THIS person as well!
So is being able to put more time into her etsy shop. I do hope she sells lots of stuff so can quit her job and do that, as I am thinking she could probably be happy to stay at home and do nothing but etsy (judging from her blog)! I understand that!
I don't consider myself a "rock star" or even close, but oh that sweet little "sweet cuff" in her shop is so divine! Totally awesome, girl!
And of course, being a musician, I do like the altered music composition book!
This very tactful person is admittedly a good employee (and I believe it too)! She likes making things for her family, like the photo frame for her husband. She reminds me of myself, in that she thinks she takes longer to do things than planned (hello-I hear that)!
But the results look very nice on the shop I think!
She also enjoys photography, with an apparently new camera for Christmas. Hey, I think the photos are great, especially the trees and that beautiful sky! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22146119@N02/2254801999/). It reminds me of an AZ
Well, I need to catch up on my correspondence to friends and family, so some of that luscious looking green neon notepaper would be grand for the job, or the hotpink! Love those colors!
Or, for all you skulls and crossbones fans out there, lots of stuff for you too, like journals and
altered notebooks-so cute and nifty! And, hey, even I can afford those! (Just as soon as I pay off my etsy fees that is)!
This loving mom and wife says she wants to lose 30 pounds this year (I get that alright)! Well, keep up the good work on your things, and that will work off the calories!

I look forward to the many more original items to come from this wonderful seller, named
Amanda, from her shop, named: presentsforpirates.etsy.com. Check it out!


  1. Awesome feature! Presentsforpirates is a great shop!