Monday, February 2, 2009

How Was Your Weekend-Ours Was Shocking!

Well, the Cardinals lost. Bummer, since I live in Tucson, AZ. We almost had it and they let their defense down at the last minute! Wow-that was some game, huh?
And what about Chuck in 3D tonight? Anyone else catch that? It was OK, but not all it was cracked up to thing I object to is the sexual innuendos thrown in. We actually told our 9 yr. old daughter to turn her head when the two sexy women started depancing Chuck. The beginning was nothing too grand either, in his dream. Now, they know that kids will be watching, especially since they hyped it up with the 3D thing, and they put that stuff in. My question is: why? It's not necessary to keep viewers in my opinion. I just think that if good, concerned people would write NBC en masse, it might help. It has in the past-changed the way shows were written I mean. Who knows what good it might do? Anyway, that wasn't the worst of the weekend!
Here in Tucson, and other parts that I'm not sure about, where Comcast is, we had a surprise during the Superbowl-a rather nasty surprise. Literally. Either there was a glitch in the system or someone was out to prove him or herself worthy of a prize for hacking. The first time the picture froze and we got treated to movie credits for a minute or just under. The second time we got a real eyefull. A women was removing a man's pants-and they showed his entire private area-in full view no less! They used the correct word for it (pe...), but that didn't help. I immediately turned my daughter's head when she started pulling on his pants and plugged her ears when I heard that word, and just looked at her until my husband said it was over! What a shocker! On the news they said they were investigating what happened. Not good when you can't even watch the Superbowl and see something wierd like that happen. Wasn't there something shocking on the Superbowl a few years back though, involving a famous woman's clothing falling off her breast? I forgot who now, but geez, this is getting ridiculous! Of course, this was only on Comcast, as far as I know, but still...well enough of that.
Otherwise, how was your weekend?
Well, I found out that my thyroid is messed up again, which explains the sluggishness and tiredness all the time. One part shows high, while another part shows low, so my family doctor is sending me to an endicrinologist. Hopefully it won't take forever by time I get the referral and the appointment. It takes awhile to work once the dose is adjusted as it is, so it will be a few months before I'm back to normal at least.
In the meantime I just keep up with the house duties as I can and my blogging and dropping when I can. I really need to get back into crafting and claying and blogging about claying-it bothers me when I don't. I guess the thyroid aggravates the fibromyalgia and bipolar so it sets everything off schedule for me. Sounds rather like a poor excuse-I know people with far worse than I and they manage to do so much more. But I'm just me and I do what I can as I can.
Prayers are most coveted from those who pray and believe. For anyone who reads this blog, I apprecite it intensely. I will work on blogging more about claying and people in my clay group, etc. Thanks,
PS-A bright spot in the weekend (beside our eating out at Golden Corral which is a very rare treat for us). My husband brought home not one, but two, art sets. Nice ones that cost a bit. He works on apartments once people leave. If they leave things after a certain amount of time, it's his. Some people left these two kits. They're filled with art poster pens, colored pencils, oil pastels, and watercolor tubes of paints. MANY colors. I estimate between 80-100.00 for a kit at least. They're in wooden cases. I've always wanted a watercolor set like that and now I have one. My daughter got the other, like a late Christmas present. She was so thrilled!


  1. Awwww, I feel bad that your weekend was so crappy!!

    I hope to cheer you up with an award for you over at my blog??? Will that help??? :)

  2. Too bad about chuckie 3D I like all the others in that series. I believe the other super bowl thing was where a male singer, touched and showed off one of Modana's breasts. A lot of people were upset about that one.

    Oh and your hubby is a keeper! I wish my hubby would bring me such things hehe.

  3. KAT:An award would be great sure! I'll check into it tomorrow or ASAP!

    CB:Thanks, yes, he's a keeper-great around the house! Also, I read it was Janet Jackson who had that incident, but no biggie. The biggie is that it even happened in the first place in front of millions of kids watching!

  4. Not really into pro football, but have to admit that was quite a game. Daughter lives in Baltimore, so I was sorta pulling for them, in the previous game; but hubby pulled for Steelers in both games.


  5. We have a 22 month old son, and I am appalled when a horror movie is advertised on ESPN!

    I do not want our little man to have nightmares because he saw a stupid movie trailer!