Monday, December 7, 2009

Update on Life in General!

Well, I haven't clayed much since doing the baby shower ornament (baby's first ornament), but I hope to soon. I do stay active in my clay group online though for encouragement and variety. They're a very supportive group and I learn a lot from them. Some of them are the best clayers ever!
You can check out some of the work at too. You can also vote for the best entry of the month there every first week of the month. You may win something! Otherwise, it's been a tough month just generally speaking because of health issues, but at least the doctor gave me a little something to help with pain (from the fibromyalgia). Better than nothing.
On a brighter note, most of our shopping for Tamara is done (our almost ten year old). Plus her birthday which is the 17th of December. Just a couple more things to get is all. We're not buying for adults this year-can't afford it, but that is expected from the families as no one else is either, so...
She'll be so surprised too. We got an unexpected gift; even we didn't expect it! It's a Wii with all the attachments and about 15 fun games along with it! We only did this because QVC let us pay it off monthly at an affordable rate or we couldn't have at all. We also got her an MP3 player which was on sale at a good price and a kid's digital camera. For the price though, it has a web cam and video clips which she'll like for You Tube. There's more of course, but just this n that, comparatively speaking. She'll be happy. Of course, we'll all have fun with the Wii!
That's it for now. More later,
If I don't get back sooner,
Merry Christmas to all!

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