Monday, March 2, 2009

Vote At PCAGOE For A Cane Today!

Wow-the vote is on and this is your chance to win something very nice made of polymer clay. All you have to do is vote on your favorite entrant! I'm in there also (hint-hint, Plumuniqprettiesplus, number 23). But of course, vote on your favorite!
It's a great chance to win something nice from one of our club members. In fact, there are three winners. So, go to and find out what you could win, and vote now! You have until the 7th of March, midnight Eastern time.
This month the topic is: Canes. What's a cane you ask? Well, a cane is usually round, but can be square, like mine was. It's built out of layers of clay all squished together. In fact some canes have several canes put into one. Mine does. That's called a "Complex Cane." For more information, you can Google up polymer clay canes and see what comes up! Well, go vote and,
Have fun!


  1. I just went and voted for you!!! Best of luck!!

  2. Canes are a lot of fun. I still have a bit to learn about them myself, but I'm enjoying the experimentation. ;)