Monday, January 12, 2009

A Change In The Late Contest That Never Happened!

Hi all, or anyone who might read this. I feel terrible to do this, but since I got so far behind on the contest, I have decided just to do things differently. It is so far after Christmas now that I decided to simply choose a winner and give 500 EC credits, which I'm sure would be more appreciated right now anyway. The last few weeks, honestly, I have felt terrible, physically. Just exhausted-like I sleep too long, then I get tired on top of that. I have fibromyalgia and spinal arthritis and low thyroid, but I've never been this tired, honestly. So, I've fallen behind on my blogging and everything. So, I'll get the winner and assign the EC credits as mentioned in the contest and as I said, with the winner receiving 500. They will be randomly written down and drawn out of something. As soon as I can I will get to this, to all who entered the contest. And I thank those who did, it was much appreciated!
So for now, take care and I hope your New Year is going well, and your resolutions are being kept.
Talk to you soon (I hope),


  1. you should take care of yourself and get a lot of rest.

    i'm lucky to be one of the winners. :D

  2. sometimes i have that too hehe. but i hope you're feeling better now ;D